Retouching Tutorial: Frequency separation

By Jonah on

I found a tutorial on a technique used for portrait retouching that is very good at retaining detail while retouching skin.  Frequency separation, is when you retouch an image on two layers. One that preserves detail and one that is just tone and color. So that when combined the two layers produce the corrected retouched image. I found it on
The basic steps are as follows:
1. Duplicate layer twice
2.rename top and middle layers, high and low respectively. middle layer (low), gaussian blur the layer. Select a radius that blurs the detail but preserves enough tonality to see shape and volume. top layer (high), from image menu select Apply image…. in the pop-up window set these parameters. For an 8-bit image  Layer: low ; Channel: RGB ; Invert: not checked ; Blending: subtract ; Scale: 2 ; Offset: 128 ; Opacity: 100%.  For a 16-bit image  Layer:low ; Channel: RGB ; Invert: checked ; Blending: Add ; Scael: 2 ; Offset: 0 ; Opacity : 100%
5.change the top layer (hight) mode to Linear-Light
When you have the layers done you can retouch them independently depending on what need to be done to the portrait.
You can get a good set by step at the web site.  I am looking for a video tutorial to embed.

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